Those who are unfamiliar with septic systems often quickly dismiss purchasing a property having one, which although understandable, is unnecessary.  Here is some info on septic systems.  I am not an expert, but want to share some interesting points which may help you. 

The Basics

Allstate Insurance’s “Allstate Blog” has a great article explaining the basics “What to Know When Buying a House with a Septic System“, and so does the EPA How Your Septic System Works”.  

Economical and Eco-Friendly?

Yes, check out these articles from the EPA… 

Economical? Yes!  In a nearby township, the sewer fee is $250/annually.  No matter how much, or how little, it is used the property owner will always pay the amount set by the local sewer authority.  On the other hand, a septic system with “regular maintenance fees of $250 to $500 every three to five years” can be more economical, especially if the user is careful to send only “biodegradables” into the system.  Averaging the fee to $375 per maintenance, and averaging the maintenance to every 4 years, the average owner of a septic system could pay an average of just $94/year compared to $250/year for sewer fee. 

I encourage you learn more about septic systems before deciding against one.  Thank you. 

-E.J. Richter