The real estate process can be complicated and stressful.  After all, for most people, real estate is their largest investment, so naturally, there is pressure to make the right decision to preserve an important asset. 

Since each Buyer or Seller is unique, I strive to learn what is important to each, and provide the best information.  Part of my job is to educate clients about what to expect, so they feel as confident as possible in their decision-making.  I am patient, and work diligently to keep pressure or stress during the process away from my clients.  Whether negotiating the Agreement of Sale, Inspection Contingency, Mortgage Contingency, or something else, I actively work to protect the best interests of my clients, as well as, proactively preventing r/e process problems.  My clients deserve the best service, and I want them to be so happy with my service that they tell their friends and associates about me.  

-E.J. Richter